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Provincial and National Assignments

Congratulations to all officials who have received provincial and national assignments for 2015.
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Newly Added: 2014-15 Refresher Exam and Answer Key as well as 2014-15 FIBA Points of Emphasis
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2014 ABOA Fall Clinic

The Annual Fall Clinic was another big success this year. You can access the Clinic Presentation and other Educational Material using the links below.

Clinic Presentations

Educational Downloads

Clinic Photos courtesy of Bill Carr

We received the following note from Clinician Nadine Crowley recently:

"Hi Jake,
I have been reflecting on my weekend in Calgary and wanted to thank you for including me in such a wonderful event. Being present for Fred's last clinic was truly memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, meeting all those friendly Albertans and most of all having the opportunity to catch up with you, Ponz & the rest of my friends.
I learned a lot about myself and my commitment to officiating this weekend.
Thanks for helping me to continue to "evolve."
Take care and keep in touch.

Your friend,

This year we are focusing on the FIBA Rule Changes, Interpretations & their Intent.
Fred Horgan
Michael Weiland

Nadine Crowley
John Weiland

For more information on our clinicians, please
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Summer National and Fall International Appointments

ABOA Evaluation Chair Jake Steinbrenner has announced the ABOA Summer National and Fall International Appointments.

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ABOA Policy Manual Revised 2014
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Contact Your Local Board
Click here for a list of all our Local Basketball Officiating Boards. You will find an email link to the board in your area.

CABO Newsletters

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ABOA Members Insurance Policy

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CABO Ritchie/Nicurity and ABOA Scholarships
Applications for the CABO Ritchie/Nicurity are to be received by Jim Walsh of CABO by August 31. Click here for more info on the scholarship and to download a copy of the Application form. Jim Walsh's address can be found in the form.

ABOA also awards two $250 scholarships. More info can be found on the
same page. This application should be sent to ABOA Supervisor Bill Carr by Sept 15.

Photos From This Summer's Games

U15 Men Officials
ABOA officials on the left are Donald MacDonald, Andrew Poetker and Kerron Lewis
U15 boys 2014

U17 Officials
ABOA officials Neil Pollard, Steve Kabachia, Chris Pelletier, Erica Layton, Arienne Raczki, James Nilsson, and Dave Bennett
U17 2014

U16 Officials
"Sasha Eaton, after reffing the Alberta Summer Games Boy's Final in Airdrie drove up to Edmonton to watch the Canada Basketball Summer Nationals (U15 G & B, U17 G & B) and the U16 Western Canadian Championships (G & B), took this picture for refalberta.ca

In total, 18 referees and 3 A/Es from BC, AB, SK, MB & ON participated in this 26 game championship over 6 days and coordinated by ABOA. Congratulations to all who made this championship a success!

L to R:
Terry Kindrat (A/E), Jake Steinbrenner (A/E), Veronica Den Oudsten, Ron Guinto (MB), Will Horner, Ryan Doan, David Lem, Bruce Baergen, John Byrne, Doran Davidson, Patrick Cabel, Cooper Toppings (SK), Perry Stothart (A/E)
Missing: Greg Bokenfohr (BC),
Gary Scott, Kristen Kwiatek, Kent Heine, Jackie Auch, John Irvine, Anna Del Col (ON), Andy Zvanitajs (ON)"U16 2014a

U17 Women Officials
ABOA officials back row 4th from left: Stephanie Nordlee, Adrienne Raczki, Lisa Geisinger, Kathy Ross, Kelasey Kisilevich. Front row left: Matt Rowan
u17 women 2014

ABOA Annual General Meeting
April 26, 2014
Red Deer

Some results:

  • Morgan Munroe was re-elected as Provincial Interpreter
  • Josh Carothers was elected as Director at Large 
  • September 27/28 is the provincial clinic to be held on Calgary, exact location and details to follow.
  • Click here for the Evaluation Chair's Report

Rocky Mountain Officials Camp
May 16-18
Opportunity to gain 3-person experience
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Click here for photos from the camp

ron bercov
ABOA Life Member Ron Bercov Passes
ABOA is mourning the death of one of its Life Members,
Ron Bercov, of Edmonton on April 4. The following email was sent to members of EBOA:

"It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of Ron Bercov , a long serving member of the EBOA. Many of you know Ron in many roles with the EBOA, most recently as a CIS/ACAC Evaluator. He had officiated at the CIAU[CIS] and ACAC level for many years prior to his on court retirement.

He served the University of Alberta for 41 years, five as Associate Vice-President (Academic) and three on the Board of Governors. He was president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers and vice-president of the Canadian Mathematics Society and editor of its bulletin. He was also chair of the Alberta Universities Pension Board. Ron Bercov is a 2004 recipient of the University of Alberta Alumni Association's Honour Award.

A university, college, high school, and wheelchair basketball official, he has refereed three national championship tournaments and four wheelchair basketball nationals. In 2002, he received the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials [CABO] Wink Willox Award for improving officiating in Alberta. Ron was also a Honorary Life Member of both the EBOA & ABOA.

Our deepest sympathies are with his wife, Marcia, and his many friends and relatives."

Leo Mangano
EBOA President

ACAC Final 8 Men's Officials

Doug Carter, Dick Vanderstam, Gil Coloumbe, Ryley Kerrison, Carl Artis Jr, Troy Eagar, Marla Van Gelder, John Irvine, Don Herman, Matt Kallio, Josh Carruthers, Charlie Bouchard
Back Row Evaluators: Terry Kindrat, Grant Stewart
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ABOA FIBA Card Officials
ABOA is proud of the accomplishments of all our members, from regular season games & tournaments in rural communities throughout Alberta, to ASAA & ACAC Provincial Championships, to the excellent performances of all our officials who leave our province to referee National Championships. We keep updated records under the 'Assignments' tab on these selections from year to year. ABOA also believes that achieving a FIBA Card, for selection to International Tournaments, is a unique and noteworthy accomplishment. We are proud of these officials who received their FIBA Cards in 2012 & 2013: Matt Kallio, Stephanie Nordlee (2012) and Ryley Kerrison (2013).
matt_kallio_2014 stephanie nordlee ryley_kerrison
They join previously selected FIBA Cards Karen Lasuik, Perry Stothart, Michael Weiland on the world stage

3A Girls Provincial Officials

EBOA official Joanna Wiegers sends along the following photo of the 3A Girls Provincial Officials
3a girls
Left to right: Grant Hoe (evaluator), Rick Stoltz, Peter Kreutz, Trevor Durrie, Joanna Wiegers, Kelsey Kisilevich, Zach Doan, Sasha Eaton, Melissa Foltinek and Frankie Billingsley ( evaluator)

Joanna also sent the following photo of the officials at the Jr Wheelchair Nationals
jr nat wheelchair
Trevor Kerr (evaluator, ON), Evan Picton(AB), Ludger Blanchard (QC), Frazer Bykowski (NB), Nathalie Asselin(QC), Joanna Wiegers (AB), Kevin Bowie(BC), Jeff VanEenoo (ON), and Jonathan Smith (ON).

2014 ASAA Provincial Assignments
Congratulations to all the ABOA members who have been assigned to the 2014 ASAA Provincial Championships.
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2013 ABOA Fall Clinic

Click here for more info on the clinicians, downloadable presentations and photos.